Yay, we’re about to get started!…

But first, before you email me, let’s make sure we’re on the same page:

I’m always happy to meet fellow colleagues and gamers, so please feel free to tell me something about yourself. I’m very friendly and try to reply to every email I get. But if you are contacting me to try to market your SEO services I will not reply to you, unless I can somehow manage a way to sic a school of Murlocs on you.

Please be patient, sometimes I get a little swamped and it may take a few days to get back to you, but I will, and I usually respond more quickly to emails rather than phone calls. Another way to keep up with me is by following me on Facebook.

If you do email me, please, no brain-picking. These blog posts contain a lot of my thinking and all of it is free. But consulting and/or psychotherapy is how I make my living, so the “just a quick question,” is actually asking me to work for you for free. Do tell me about the work you’re doing or want to do, or what you think we might have in common, and that will make a conversation get going pretty fast!

If you are a current or potential patient, I won’t follow you on Twitter because I consider it a violation of your privacy. If you are following me, we can discuss that if and when we work together to see if it still makes sense to do so.

Still there? Good! So here’s how to reach me:




Phone: 617-776-3409

Fax 1-888-782-3103