Ninety-seven percent of all adolescents in the US play video games, & more than half of the adults in this country play video games regardless of their race or income. The military has discovered that video games decrease symptoms of PTSD in veterans, and with the advent of the iPhone, mobile technology is making social media more prevalent than ever.

Despite these numbers, clinicians are reluctant and uncertain how or when to integrate technology into their work. When social media or technology is mentioned at all, it is only as an ethical risk or liability, never as a powerful innovation in social work. This is in part due to an age-old mistrust and disdain of technology which has its roots in issues of class and psychology. But despite this, psychotherapy has passed the point where learning about technology is negotiable.

In this book, psychotherapist Mike Langlois takes a fresh look at video games and technology, their impact on our lives, and what they could mean for the future of psychotherapy.

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