Spring Fever, Etc.

Recently the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine published an article finding that children whose parents and families are experiencing stress tend to have more fevers and illness than other children.  The article, summed up in Medical News Today goes on to state that stress increases children’s immune functioning.  You may want to share this with your colleagues, as this time of year is particularly stressful for children and adolescents.  Between academic demands, increased testing, and gearing up for the “last stretch” of school, some children may be physically and metaphorically overheating!

Support for Bipolar Adults

In case you are not aware of this local resource, you and your patients may benefit from the services of the Manic-Depressive and Depressive Association of Boston.  While not a replacement for treatment, MDDA offers support and information for people with affective disorders, including support groups that meet at McLean.  These groups are a useful part of partial hospitalization discharge planning, especially with the increasingly shortened lengths of stay allowed by many insurances.

Insurance Update

I am happy to report that I have added Tufts Navigator and HMO Blue/Managed Care Behavioral Health to the insurances I accept.  I currently have availability most weekday mornings and afternoons, with a waiting list for evenings.  Please feel free to forward this information to whomever you’d like.  If you or your clients have any questions about the practice, the answers can be found on my site, www.mikelanglois.com .  Thanks to those of you who have made referrals, they are always appreciated.

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