Gamify Your Office!

A lot of things can be done to communicate your interest or openness to working with patients who game simply by adding some things to your waiting room and therapy office.  Watch this for some examples:


  1. Mike,
    Those are very creative and interesting ideas.

    Thanks for sharing with us.


  2. Mike,

    Although I am not a social worker I do value your ideas on opening discussion using video games. Not only does it facilitate communication with the client on a general level but it also fosters positive (or negative) discussion about video games for which I am an advocate. Thanks again for an informative post.


    • Jason, you are very welcome. And I am glad there are a wide range of people reading this. I love it when gamers stop by as much as I do therapists. And anyone who wants to learn more about psychotherapy and/or gaming is welcome too!

  3. A very good reminder of how small cues leave powerful messages for people about who we are and who we are open to. Thanks!

  4. Brilliant ideas! Thanks for the advise Mike!

  5. *adds Portal plush Companion Cube to “Future Office” shopping list* 😉


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