Reputation, Grinding & You



  1. Thanks, Mike! Powerful metaphor, so much so that I could see using it with people who aren’t gamers. The concept of building reputation with repetitive activities is a powerful one that comes across so clearly here.

  2. That was very educative and interesting.

    The idea of using concepts such as “reputation” and exploring its different levels (honored, hostile, hated, etc) is so clever. Not to mention the power of discussing “grinding” in terms of getting “better and faster.”

    Thanks, Mike.

  3. Whoa… Admittedly, I’m not a World of Warcraft guy, but I enjoy a variety of video games. I love how you tied the metaphor into a variety of issues – I can see how different games that the clients I work with can fit in to a variety of topics – very cool. Wonderfully done!

    • Mike Langlois, LICSW says

      Thanks Dan, I’m always happy to hear that the ideas are accessible beyond the WoW crowd. Please feel free to pass on the video to whomever you’d like!

  4. After watching your video, I thought about how “rep” is a big deal for the urban teens I work with. Never thought about talking about “rep” in the context of family, school, parents vs. street, peers, etc.

    Also I used your gaming idea about “rep” and asked my client, if they were a Pokemon card what levels they would have for various characteristics like trustworthiness or independence, etc. vs what levels their parent would think they would have.

    All fun and game/play centered way of talking with our clients

    • Mike Langlois, LICSW says

      John, thanks for watching the video, and I like your linking of rep to the rep of street cred.

      And that Pokemon idea is great! I love hearing examples of how therapists use games to do their work. Keep it up!

  5. Hi Mike,

    I’m working on updating my linkedIn profile and joined the shrink group, then stumbled
    upon your site and video. Fascinating!


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