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True confessions, this weekend I am hard at working playing Portal 2, Rift, and Air Penguin for iPhone.  Have I mentioned lately how much I love my job?  🙂

So for this post I wanted to direct you to a recent interview I did with Yahoo!  Although the title “Tips for Overcoming Online Gaming” puts a slightly negative slant on gaming, I was really appreciative of how Jaleh Weber did not edit me to keep with that slant, but rather presented my ideas as pro-gaming.  In other words, they let me say what I thought and believed, rather than what may garnered interest.  Traditionally, media has tended to hype the potential negative aspects of gaming, and view playing as an epidemic of addiction, which anyone who has ever read a post of mine know is NOT how I see gaming.

Still, I do think that sometimes gamers want to moderate their playing time, and address the concerns of friends and family, so I did offer a couple of tips.  I hope you will check out the interview if you want to have my perspective in a nutshell.  Please feel free to pass it along any which way you can, and if you want to quote it, just let me know so we keep information and integrity happily wed.

Here’s the article, bon voyage!


  1. Your yahoo article is a refreshing change from the “addiction” model that dominates popular media and therapists’ assumptions…just shared it on Facebook (where I have a lot of therapist-type followers), although I had to delete the “Big Door” shared post and recreate my own because there was nothing on the post that even hinted what the topic was. i wish Big Door would let us add content when we share on FB.

  2. Great interview. 🙂 The comment “many professionals are dismissive if not negative about games” reminded me of the main character’s therapist in Felicia Day’s web series “The Guild” (especially in the first or second episode of the first season). And if you haven’t checked that show out, you REALLY should. 😉

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