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  1. Hello Mike,

    Thanks for a really informative video. I am new to the whole social media arena and your tips were very well timed and spot on for what I am working on. Have a great day.

  2. Great video.
    Does liking each other’s FB business page help ?

    • Mike Langlois, LICSW says

      Deb, Yes, yes, yes! Liking pages helps, but what helps prior to this is making the connections to others via FB and Twitter. Think of it this way, if someone says they like your work, and they have more social influence, it has a greater impact on your business. So it is key to have ongoing relationships via social media prior to hitting that Like button.

      Also, I’m willing to bet that comments will inevitably be as important if not more important than Like or Tweet button pushing. Because content is inevitably more valuable than clickage IMHO.

  3. Hi Mike, thanks for posting this video blog, you’ve provided some really key information. This year I jumped into using Twitter and I’ve been astonished how much this has boosted my visibility & web presence for SEO.

    I’d like to invite you & other readers to join me on Twitter: @Catalyst_BC

    Here is an article people may be interested in:

    Take care & thanks for your work.

  4. Thanks, Mike – excellent information. I appreciate your efforts here!

  5. Arlene H. Johnson says

    Mike, Thanks so much for a great video. I appreciate all the work you do and your willingness to share.

  6. Bravo, Mike. Well explained and very useful info. I think that one of the biggest mindset shifts therapists have to make is moving from thinking in terms of wanting action A to result directly and immediately in new clients, to thinking in terms of seeking ways to be a genuinely helpful resource. And you are an expert at that! Many thanks.

    • Mike Langlois, LICSW says

      Deah, Yes! See my comment to DeeDee above. We have to start being more interactive and content driven. The web is not a classifieds section.

  7. Good to know… So when multiple people from online forums are connecting with each other on Twitter, despite not knowing each other that well, increase their searchability because they have many connections? Or is it based on those connections actually making clicks to our own content?

  8. Thank you Mike!! Like others I have recently published a book and want to make a difference by getting the word out. I am in the process of implementing what you propose. Question What is the best way to produce a good video particularly with good volume as yours is?

    • Mike Langlois, LICSW says

      Hi Anne, lol, I don’t know about the video quality of my videos, but I produce them all on my Mac with iMovie.

  9. OK Mike, so I clicked on the FB link above so i can like your FB business page but don’t see one.

  10. Hi Mike,
    Thanks so much for this video. I really appreciate the information and think it’s really great that you are so willing to share. Question: Does making a video like this help your SEO?

    • Mike Langlois, LICSW says

      DeeDee, I actually think that the video gives me more content that others can share, which does help my SEO. That said, I think therapists have begun to latch on to the concept of SEO as almost a magic bullet. Sort of, how can I set up my content/site/page so that it will automatically attract people and I can ignore it. It can be a way to sidestep marketing, which I think is a more human endeavor. This is the sort of thing I consult with therapists about, so be in touch if you want to make an appointment.

  11. Nice insight Mike

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