Ethics & Technology: A Mild Rant

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  1. Good point! After your post about video games causing Aspergers an old supervisor made a comment about how the more a person is ‘connected’ with technology the less ‘connected’ in ‘real life.’ The more I read (and view) your blog the more it is apparent how much prejudice exists out there is out there around technology and people who use it. It is spoken of as if people degrading it were the decision makers of what real life is!

  2. Nice point, Michael. I agree wholeheartedly that it seems too many therapists/teachers are focused only on the anxiety-provoking nature of increased communication technology while overlooking the many benefits that are a part of the reason for its ubiquity. Thanks for the interesting commentary.

    E. Coyle, Ph.D.

  3. Nice piece. Unethical behavior can happen with or without modern technology. Respect for dignity of all, privacy of individuals, and appropriate boundaries can be in effect using technology or other forms of communication. It is not whether technology is used, it is how it is used. Thanks,


  4. Well, I guess these attitudes keep the competition in check! Just over half of my full-time, cash only practice come from my web-page and social media:)

  5. Mike, thanks so much for addressing this topic. It’s a pet peeve of mine, too. Of course, there are ethical considerations when using technology but that includes the phone, the copier, your iPad, and your scanner, too.

    The flipside is that oh-my-gosh how fabulous is this world of social media that connects us professionally to our colleagues and resources and clients! The research being done by many people now underscores the many benefits of using distance counseling and social media in the name of mental health and social justice. The US Military is actively using distance counseling with veterans and reporting great success as they go.

    Your reference to trainers couching the use of technology in fear-mongering terms reminds me of the old Cold War stories I’ve heard – when technology was big and scary and not to be trusted. The truth is that making decision based on fear rather than facts is never good – not for your personal lives and certainly not for your business lives.

    Thanks so much for putting out there a more balanced and optimistic view of where mental health can go! I’m right there with you!


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