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In the midst of several projects, including the upcoming 2013 SXSW presentation, but wanted to give you a post in the meantime.  Here is the presentation on rethinking gaming addiction I did there last year.

[gigya ]

This can give you an idea of:

  1. The power of Prezi, even in its’ most stripped down version
  2. The visuals that accompanied the presentation you can listen to if you go here
  3. What my approach to technology and psychology is
  4. What my style is as a public speaker

Enjoy, and I will be posting again with bigger news soon!

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  1. This is an interesting subject to me and I will dig into your resources further. I expect that it is possible that we can design virtual experiences (inside of games perhaps) which will manage state with far better outcome than drugs. It is out of my field at some distance but my colleague is a psychologist with a masters in game-based learning http://egenfeldt.eu/blog/ and we work on a wide variety of projects. Long term, I can see becoming involved in the thoughtful development of happiness games and believe that this holds a bright beacon of possibility for people for whom Prozac and the other usual suspects for treatment are not safe or sustainable.

    Thanks for the thoughtful post and I wish you great success at SXSW for which I have fond memories from 2010. All the best, Kirk

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