Obama, Selfies, Projections & Death

In this video Mike Langlois, LICSW gives an analysis of what the furor around President Obama’s selfie at Mandela’s funeral could say, not about him, but us.



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  1. Kay Omholt-Montague says

    I absolutely love your interpretation of the alleged “selfie”! How refreshing to hear someone with a positive interpretation of an event that is receiving predominantly negative feedback. In addition to what you said, I also saw it as a “release” of sorts. I believe that President Obama felt enormous internal pressure to give a speech which did his mentor honor and justice. Therefore, to be able to “play” was an important part of his coping strategy. Whether my interpretation is wrong or right does not matter. But I say “more power to you”, Mr. President! I am delighted to know you are taking care of yourself – and improving international relations at the same time. We need to remind ourselves that even powerful leaders of the world are human – too. Play time can be an essential coping mechanism to get them through tough times and be more effective leaders, as a result. Can you imagine what would happen if our leaders never allowed themselves to “let their hair down”? Frankly, I find it refreshing that President Obama feels secure enough to be himself in front of the whole world.

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