Reality Testing & The 7 Billion Rule

In this video, I discuss the ego function of reality testing, how it affects us, and ways to cope with distortions in it.  This is also another example of how I use technology, in particular YouTube as a transitional object for patients, allowing them to continue to remember our work together without compromising any of their personal health information.

This will be the last post for 2013, have a good end of the year and I’ll see you sometime in late January!


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  1. Julie Black, LCSW-C says

    Getting a reality check will be helpful to those who are still stuck after applying the 7 billion rule to correct their cognitive distortion/s. Well explained and” normalized.”

  2. Great idea, Mike, and well-done. I’ll link over to you from my blog. Happy new year!

  3. Hi Mike. I nominated you for the Liebster Award. To check it out and accept please go to the following link:

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