Streaming, Path of Exile & The Repetition Compulsion

As many of you know I have begun streaming. My goal in doing this is to both have some fun, and reach a wider audience when talking about psychodynamic concepts. This is my latest attempt, in which I talk about the Repetition Compulsion in terms of farming for a unique sword in the game Path of Exile. Keep in mind that the conversation about the repetition compulsion during the stream if for a general audience, and should not be substituted for seeking out medical advice or a mental health professional. My hope is that you’ll share it with the gamers in your life, therapy practice, class, etc. And of course if you sign up to follow my Twitch channel I’d be delighted!

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  1. Hi Mike, I just discovered your blog and enjoyed reading. I was going to check out your streaming video here but it is not showing up. I am a psychodynamic therapist as well, and I would say that I am “gaming curious”? I didn’t grow up playing videogames but hope to learn more about it because I do work with kiddos who are much more into gaming. I have felt that gaming is a window to knowing their internal worlds but knew I wasn’t as confident in exploring the themes and content of play simply because I am unfamiliar with gaming in general.

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