What I’m Doing

Since this is my first post I figured I’d let you get a sense of what I am doing and what to expect. I am a psychodynamically-oriented psychotherapist, and this blog will touch on the personal, professional and political aspects of living in that in the 21st century. If you have been invited to read this, it is because I hope that you will find it entertaining and helpful. Sometimes I will be talking about the challenges of Health Care Reform and sometimes I will be talking about remaining mindful. Sometimes I will be talking about both, and how they connect. At the beginning of “Howard’s End” E.M. Forster wrote this aphorism: “only connect.” This blog is where some of those connections will get made, by both me and you.

It is still daunting to invite colleagues to participate in blogging. More fully, it is as Aron describes in his article “The Patient’s Experience of the Analyst’s Subjectivity” this blog is the wish and the worry, the yearning to be known and the fear of it. Yet the longer I do this work the more I become convinced that it makes little sense to pose to colleagues rather than let them have an opportunity to understand how my mind works and how I see the world, if they are interested. I do think technology, like therapy, can allow us to only connect. It is the vehicle, and courage is the engine that drives it.