Research and Job Dissatisfaction

20 Years in GLBT Youth Research

The NASW website “Help Starts Here” recently published an article I wrote that you or your clients may find of interest.  The article reviews selected literature from 2 decades of research on risk factors for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered youth.  It compares those earlier findings to the two most recent Youth Risk Behavior Surveys done in Massachusetts.  Although the review of the literature is not exhaustive, it may be useful to clinicians and families.

Take This Job…

Some interesting news came out of the outplacement consulting firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas.  They estimate that 25% of workers regret having taken a new job within their first year.  For those of us who work with clients dealing with work dissatisfaction, this statistic may de-stigmatize it.  It may also free them up to leave a job that providing them with the satisfaction and quality that work can and should bring.